Lesta_Finn Don't wanna change my ways, to fit in to your pattern.

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Lestat x Jesse (Queen of the Damned)

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by Alex Tabuns

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by Alex Tabuns

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Hey there, September. ♥

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Hey there, September. ♥

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1. How do you organize your book shelf? -  The apartment is under repair. Therefore, books or in boxes, or in my bag)

2. What is the idea behind your username/name of your blog? - My blog - is my name)

3. Which language would you like to speak? - Swedish, finnish and maybe german…

4. Your hometown? - Will be indicated in the postcard)

5. Your favourite jewelery? - I have a lot of jewelry … But the most favorite, i think,  pair of leather bracelets with rivets, bone pendant in the form of half of the sun, medallion with Crashdiet’s logo and heartagram pendant)

6. Which is the last thing you bought? - It was three bottles in Halloween style and black t-shirt with words “FUCK is a bad word”

7. Would you send me a postcard? (if yes -> ask for my address) - №4

8. Did you ever fainted on a concert? - Nope)

9. A sport you really don’t like? - I think curling - the most stupid thing ever.

10. Last movie you watched in the cinema? - Maleficent

11. At which time do you have to get up tomorrow? - 7 a.m. (early awakenings sucks)


1. Favorite actor

2. Which song of your favorite band, describes you the most?

3. Imagine, that you meet your favorite singer in the bar, your actions?)

4. Favorite time of year

5. If you had superpowers, it would be

6. Fav alcoholic drink

7. Your biggest fear

8. Do you believe in vampires, ghosts, etc.?

9. Bad habits?

10. What inspires you?

11. Craziest thing you’ve done…

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Right Here in My Arms
Razorblade Romance

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